Big Data: Deprecated Items - 6.4

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Release Notes

Talend Open Studio for Big Data
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Installation and Upgrade

The following feature is deprecated in the current release. Deprecated features are no longer recommended for use and may cease to exist in future versions of the product.

  • The tAlfrescoOutput component

  • The HL7 metadata wizard and the tHL7Input and tHL7Output components

  • The Component Designer perspective

  • The Axis WebService (WAR) and Axis WebService (ZIP) build job types

  • The Enable commandline server option used to add a remote CommanLine server

The support for the following Hadoop distributions

  • From Hortonwork Data Platform V1.2.0 to Hortonwork Data Platform V2.3.2

  • Apache 1.0.0

  • From Cloudera CDH 4 to Cloudera 5.4

  • From MapR 2.0.0 to MapR 4.1.0

  • From Amazon EMR 1.0.3 to Amazon EMR 4.0.0

  • From Pivotal HD 1.0.1 to Pivotal HD 2.0

  • From Microsoft HD Insight 3.1 to Microsoft HD Insight 3.2