Enhanced Azure support - 6.4

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Release Notes

Talend Open Studio for Big Data
Talend Studio
Installation and Upgrade
  • Talend Studio now supports retrieving/writing data from/into an Azure Storage table via the two new components tAzureStorageInputTable and tAzureStorageOutputTable.

  • A new Azure Storage Blob component tAzureStorageContainerList, which allows you to list all containers in a given Azure Storage account, has been added into Talend Studio.

  • Talend Studio now supports managing Azure Storage queues and messages via the seven new components tAzureStorageQueueCreate, tAzureStorageQueueDelete, tAzureStorageQueueInput, tAzureStorageQueueInputLoop, tAzureStorageQueueList, tAzureStorageQueueOutput and tAzureStorageQueuePurge.

  • All existing and new Azure Storage components now support using a shared access signature to access the storage resources without the need for the account key.

  • A new Azure Storage metadata wizard has been created, which allows you to centralize the Azure Storage connection and retrieve the schema of the interested containers, queues and tables.

  • Talend Studio now allows you to manage data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse via the seven new components tSQLDWHClose, tSQLDWHCommit, tSQLDWHConnection, tSQLDWHInput, tSQLDWHOutput, tSQLDWHRollback and tSQLDWHRow.