Scheduling a rule execution - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

You can schedule your tasks based on simple or advanced time triggers. Time-based scheduling uses a simple trigger or a Cron trigger depending on the way you want your time-based triggered task to be executed, either at a defined time and date or regularly, over a period of time.


Note that if you define several types of triggers for the same rule execution, the first trigger to be verified is the first to be executed.

On the Scheduling view, you can set up different types of triggers that automate the execution of the defined migration rule.

The triggers available include:

  • Time-based triggers (SimpleTrigger):

  • Periodic multi-platform CRON-like triggers (CronTrigger):

The toolbar on top of the trigger table allows you to refresh the table, add or delete triggers, or duplicate a trigger configuration. For further information regarding the trigger management toolsManaging the Scheduling module

The scheduled execution table provides the following information regarding the execution triggering:


Trigger name


Trigger types:

SimpleTrigger : time trigger based on the time intervals between executions

CronTrigger: time trigger based on a scheduled time of execution.


Name of the rule, the execution of which is scheduled using the selected trigger.

Number of repetitions

Number of defined triggering repetitions.

Times triggered

Number of times the execution already triggered.

Time interval (sec)

Time interval between each execution triggering.

Previous fire

Date and time when the previous triggering took place.

Next fire

Date and time when the next triggering will take place.

For more information about how to use these triggers for executing migration rules, see: