How to access the configuration page - 6.5

Talend Repository Manager User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

To access the configuration page:

  1. In the Menu tree view, expand Administration.

  2. Click Configuration to open the configuration page.

The following table provides details regarding the configuration page.




The values displayed are those defined in the Go to db config page page for creating the connection. You need to use that page to modify these values.

For further information about Go to db config page, see Accessing Talend Repository Manager.

For further information about the prerequisites to use the Oracle database with Talend Repository Manager, see Oracle specific prerequisites.

Local Parameter

Enter the directory as the intermediate destination of the items migrated. The items temporarily stored will be removed after the migration is done.


Configure sending email notifications when new user accounts are created in Talend Repository Manager.

This list helps you to detect system problems and reduce the repair time. In the Status column, the icon is displayed when the corresponding modules are up and well configured. Otherwise the icon appears and the Message column reports the error details to help you diagnose the problem