Assigning licenses - 6.5

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Using the License management module, you can create as many license fragments as the super license allows and assign them to Talend Administration Center and/or Talend MDM servers. Note that:

  • Each fragment has a flexible validity period, the maximum validity period being limited by the super license's expiration date.

  • Each fragment consumes the user limit of the super license.

The following example shows how to assign a license to a Talend Administration Center server.

  1. From the menu tree to the left, click License management to open the License view.

  2. Click add product in the Product pane to open the add product dialog box.

  3. Enter an alias for the product in the Alias field, select the type of the product from the Type list, and fill the URL field with the address of the product, a Talend Administration Center server in this example.

    When done, click Save to save the product definition and close the dialog box. The information of the product added is displayed in the Product pane.

  4. Click add license fragment in the License Fragment pane to open the add license fragment dialog box.

  5. Specify the license parameters:

    • an alias for the license fragment to be created from the super license

    • the version of the Talend product

    • the number of days left before the license fragment expires

    • the number of users allowed to connect to Talend Administration Center for each Talend product

    • the details of the runtime servers allowed for the license fragment, including the number of instances, licensing unit between per core and per node, and whether to be in production.

    For more information on license parameters, see the section on license management of the Talend Administration Center User Guide.

  6. When done, click Save to save the licensing settings and close the dialog box. The detailed information of the license fragment created is displayed in the License Fragment pane, and the license assignment status is displayed in the upper part of the License view.

  7. Select the product to which you want to assign the license fragment, and click the Push button (green arrow) that appears in the Action field to open the Set Authorization dialog box. Enter the user name and password used to log in to the Talend Administration Center server and click Save to push the license fragment to the Talend Administration Center.

    The Push button becomes Revoke (red X).


    You can assign more than one license fragment to the same product.

    Now the administrator can directly log in to the Talend Administration Center to perform administration tasks without the step of loading a license, and users can connect to the Talend Administration Center using the allocated license. For more information on Talend Administration Center, see the Talend Administration Center User Guide.