How to schedule a migration using a simple trigger - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

Add a simple trigger onto a rule in order to schedule its executions based on a defined time interval between the executions.

To add a simple trigger to a rule:

  1. On the Scheduling page, click Add trigger on the toolbar located above the execution scheduling table.

  2. Select Add SimpleTrigger from the drop-down list.

    The configuration panel displays to the right-hand side:

  3. Fill in the configuration panel with the following information:




    Name of the trigger


    Type of trigger. SimpleTrigger displays and is read-only as you selected Add SimpleTrigger from the Add trigger drop-down list.


    Select the rule for which execution is to be triggered.

    Number of repetitions

    Type in the number of executions that should occur in addition to the first execution.

    Time interval (sec)

    Type in (in seconds) the time interval between triggerings. For long intervals, use a CRON-based trigger.


    Fields marked with an exclamation mark are mandatory.

    The following fields are read-only triggering information which are displayed automatically, as soon as the trigger is saved (hence fired).

    Time triggered

    Number of times the trigger has already fired.

    Previous fire

    Date and time at which the previous triggering took place.

    Next fire

    Date and time at which the next triggering will take place.

  4. Click Save to validate the simple trigger configuration.

    The corresponding rule is executed immediately.

Once the trigger executes all of the expected executions, the trigger disappears from the scheduled execution list.


If you click on any trigger in the list before finalizing the creation or modification of the current trigger, a dialog box prompts you to save the parameters in the configuration panel before switching to another trigger. Click Cancel to return to the configuration panel and save the parameters.