Accessing the Rules page - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

In Talend Repository Manager, the Rules page helps you to create rules to migrate specific items or generated tasks (jobs zip files) from a source repository to a target repository.

To access the Rules page:

  • In the Menu tree view, click Rules .

All created migration rules are listed in this page. The panel to the right, the configuration panel, helps you create new rules or modify existing rules.

The configuration panel to the right allows you to modify the parameters of any migration rule you select in the list. For further information, see Setting up migration rules, Adding projects to rules and Configuring filters in rules.

The fields in the configuration panel may change depending on which version of Talend Administration Center you are using. For more information on supported versions, see Installation requirements.

The rule list provides the following information about every rule:




The status of the rule. The status can be:

- :The rule is ready to be executed.

- : The last rule execution failed.

- : The rule execution is currently in progress


The rule name as defined by the user in the rule configuration panel.

For more information, see Setting up migration rules.


The descriptive information of the rule.


When the icon appears, the corresponding rule is active.

- Active: the rule can be executed.

- Not active: the rule cannot be executed.


The source repository of the migrated element.


The target repository of the migrated element.

Source update version

Information about the version changes of the source items at the end of the migration.

- Nothing: no version update is carried out

- Update major: the version major number is incremented.

- Update minor: the version minor number is incremented.

Source change status

Information about the status of the source items at the end of the migration.

Overwrite on import

Whether the migrated item overwrites an identical pre-existing item.

Import the status

Whether to migrate the project status that you define yourself in addition to the attributed status.

For further information about the project status, see Talend Studio User Guide.

Import stats & logs

Whether to migrate the project settings, including the statistics, the logs and the volumetric information. The settings as such are configured in Talend Studio.

For further information, see Talend Studio User Guide.

From this quick access toolbar of the Rules page, you can:

  • refresh the rule list,

  • add, execute or delete a rule,

  • duplicate the configuration of a rule,

  • view the rule execution details.


The four buttons Duplicate, Delete, Execute rule and Open rule execution detail are greyed out until you select one rule from the rule list.