How to set up parameters for email notifications - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

From the Configuration page, you can decide whether to send email notifications at user creation.

To set up the parameters for email notifications:

  1. In the Menu tree view, expand Administration and then click Configuration to open the configuration page.

  2. Set the value of the SendMailAtUserCreation field to true so that an email notification is sent when a new user is created.

    This email contains the user account information for logging in to Talend Repository Manager.

  3. Configure the email server host, port, user name and password in the relevant fields, by referring to your email service settings.

  4. To enable Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer, set the TLSEnabled or SSLEnabled field to true, if your email server supports the TLS or SSL protocol.

    Note that you cannot set both fields to true at the same time.