Managing assigned licenses - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

Using the License management module, you can revoke assigned license fragments, delete license fragments, and delete the added products.

Before you can delete an assigned license fragment, you need first to revoke it; before you can delete a product, you need first delete the license fragment or fragments assigned to it.

To revoke an assigned license fragment, click the corresponding Revoke button in the License Fragment pane, enter in the Set Authorization dialog box the user name and password used to log in to the product to which the license fragment has been assigned, and click Save.

To delete a license fragment, first revoke it, then select it and click delete license fragment.

By default, expired license fragments are hidden from the License Fragment pane. To show expires license fragments, click the Show expired button. You can directly delete an expired license fragment by selecting it and clicking the delete license fragment button.

To delete a product, first revoke and delete all the license fragments assigned to it, then select it in the Product pane and click delete product.