Configuring the database connection - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

In Talend Repository Manager, all data related to the management and administration of license, users, repositories, migration rules and their execution are stored in a database.

By default, this database is an H2 embedded database. But you can choose to store such data in another compatible database system including MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle.

To configure a new database connection from Talend Repository Manager, do the following:

  1. After starting the Java application server which hosts the Repository Manager, enter its URL into your web browser and press Enter.

  2. On the login page, click Go to db config page.

  3. In the open popup, type in the default password, admin, to access the configuration page.

    You can change this default password if you go to the Repository Manager's file and replace the password with the new one.

  4. From the Database Type list, select the database you want to use to store administration and management data.

  5. Fill in the connection parameters to the new database.

    This database must exist already. Compatible databases include MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL server.

    For more information about the prerequisites to use the Oracle database with Talend Repository Manager, see Oracle specific prerequisites.

    An automatic check operation is done on the connection parameters and license validity and the check results show directly in the Check section.

  6. Click Save to save the new connection parameters.

    Every time you click the Reload from file tab when defining a new connection, your last saved parameters will be listed automatically in the Database parameters fields.

  7. From the Check section, click:

    • Check to verify the database connection, if required.

      When all of the indicators on the Check list show OK, the configuration is done.

    • Set new license to open a dialog box where you can browse to a new license or replace an invalid one.

    • Go to login page to go back to the login page.