Adding projects to rules - 6.5

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When creating the rule, you can decide what project to migrate items or generated tasks (job zip files) from.

Talend Repository Manager uses the migration rule to select the items or generated tasks from a specific project in a source repository and distribute them to the selected mirror projects in the target repository. If the source project does not exist in the target repository, it will be created automatically.

If the repository manager communicates with Talend Administration Center which version is 4.0.2+, you can migrate items from project branches.

If the repository manager communicates with Talend Administration Center which version is 5.2.1, you can migrate items from project tags.

You can migrate generated tasks between repositories only if their version is 5.2.1+.

To add a project containing the items or tasks to be migrated, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Rules page, click the icon next to the Projects field.

    The [Project Selection] dialog box is displayed listing the projects available in the selected repository.

    Depending on the Talend Administration Center version, this list may contain not only trunks but project branches and tags.

  2. Select the check box of the project from which you want to import the items or tasks and click Save.

    The selected project is displayed in the Projects field.

    You can sort the projects listed or show or hide specific columns the same way as you are able to do it about the Users module. For details on how to customize a module display, see How to customize the user list display.