How to execute a rule from the toolbar - 6.5

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Administration and Monitoring

You can execute the rules you defined from the toolbar and trigger the migration task immediately.

To be able to execute migration rules, you must have the Operation Manager role and rights on the source an target repositories. Otherwise, you will get an error about insufficient rights. For further information about users' roles and rights, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.

  1. Click Rules on the Menu tree view to display the list of rules defined.

    If you have not defined any migration rules yet, see Setting up migration rules

  2. Select the rule you need to execute.

  3. Click Execute rule to launch the migration task.

    Execution can take some time depending on the scale of your migration.

    A [Rule Execution] window displays, showing the execution details while the migration is in progress.

    If you get an error message about insufficient rights in the execution window, you must be granted in Talend Administration Center the Operation Manager role and rights on the source an target repositories.

    In the [Rule Execution] window, detailed information is provided to indicate the execution progress step by step:



    The flag icons represent how important the execution stage is: green being the most important step, blue being an intermediate step and violet being a minor step.


    The timestamp shows the moment at which an execution step is performed.


    The description shows the nature of the operations carried out.

    This green icon appears when the operation is successfully completed. The lightning icon displays when the operation is in progress.