Customizing History and Detailed history views - 7.2

Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide

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About this task

The History and Detailed History views display all execution entries that are contained in the files or database tables that you set as datasources.

To display only the execution entries that match some date or time period criteria, do the following:


  1. Select Window > Preferences from the menu to open the Preferences window.
  2. Expand the AMC node and select Datasource Type.
  3. In the Data Restrict area, set the filtering preferences.


The three options are described in the following table:



All days

Default selection. All the recorded entries are displayed with no filtering.

Last N days

Only the entries of the last days will show. Select the number of days to be taken into account.

from ... to...

Only the entries between the dates defined here will show. Select the relevant boundary dates and times respectively in the from and to fields.