Logging in to Talend Data Stewardship for the first time - 6.5

Talend Data Stewardship Getting Started Guide

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Once Talend Data Stewardship is installed and launched, you can use your login information to get started.

A certain sequence need to be followed in order to successfully start Talend Data Stewardship and its dependencies.

For further information, see Talend Data Stewardship start and stop sequences.


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the URL http://<hostname>:<port> after replacing the host and port names with the appropriate values depending on your installation.
    Use http://localhost:19999 if the default parameters have been used for installing Talend Data Stewardship. Otherwise, contact the administrator who installed the application to get the host and port names.
  2. Enter the credentials you received from the administrator.
  3. Click LOG IN.

    The home page is opened. The options available in this page depends on your role and if your license includes Data Quality .

    Home page of campaign owners:

    Home page of data stewards: