Approving changes in master records - 6.5

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In the Reconciling client data campaign created for this example, master records which are created and validated are transitioned to the second step in the workflow. The campaign participant who is granted the ACCOUNT VALIDATOR role should now approve or reject the choices done on the master records.

Before you begin

  • A campaign owner has created the campaign and granted you access to it.

    For further information, see Defining roles in the Merging campaign.

  • Master records are created and validated in the campaign.

  • You have accessed Talend Data Stewardship as a data steward.


  1. On the TASKS page, click the campaign name, Reconciling client data, to open a list of the tasks transitioned to you.
    When more than one data stewards are granted the same role in the campaign, the tasks which arrive on their dashboards are unassigned. They should first assign the tasks among themselves before they can start working on them.
  2. On the menu bar, use the combinations Assignment > Unassigned.
  3. In the list of unassigned tasks, hold the Ctrl + Shift keys, select the tasks and either:
    • point to the data steward to whom to assign the tasks and click next to his/her name, or

    • drop them to a data steward in the left panel. Assign them to yourself in this example.

    The selected tasks are moved to your list. The number of tasks which show under your name in the left panel is the number of tasks assigned to you in the current campaign.
    You can use the charts displayed next to the task list to filter data and list only the task you want to assign to a specific data steward.
  4. On the menu bar, use the combinations Assignment > Assigned to me to display the tasks for which you need to validate the choices of the initial data stewards.
  5. Approve the changes on the master records:
    1. to accept the changes on the master records without any more modifications, select the task(s) and click ACCEPT.
    2. to accept the changes on a master record after doing some more modifications, use any of the functions under COLUMN in the right panel or enter completely new values in the fields and click ACCEPT.
    The first fields of the approved task(s) are marked with green background and the TRANSITION column is filled in with the decision text, Accept or Reject.
  6. To reject the changes done on the master records, select the records and click REJECT.
  7. Click VALIDATE CHOICES in the top right corner.


The approved tasks are resolved and moved from the list. The data steward who has the ACCOUNT MANAGER role in this example can access the resolved tasks and decide to reopen one or more of the tasks, if needed. The rejected tasks are moved back to the initial list of unassigned tasks.