TPS-3797 (cumulative patch) - 6.5

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TPS-3797 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20200526_TPS-4059_v1_6.5.1
Release Date 2020-05-28
Target Version 20180116_1512-6.5.1
Product affected Talend Studio


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Studio 6.5.1.

NOTE: To download this patch, liaise with your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch contains the following fixes:

  • TPS-4059:[6.5.1]Earlier TPS-3797 was provided, but that broke TPS-2787 (TESB-29112)

This patch also includes the following patches:

  • TPS-3797:[6.5.1]tRestResponse does not support setting multiple cookies (TESB-28030)
  • TPS-3480:[6.5.1]Job fails to generate code after applying patch TPS-3174 : Failed to generate code. /java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException /java.lang.NullPointerException (TUP-22906)
  • TPS-3543:[6.5.1]Retrieve SAP Table error(TUP-20160)
  • TPS-3357:[6.5.1]Unable to see XMLMapping file after building the job in tJDBCInput Component(TUP-24218)

  • TPS-3247:[6.5.1]The connection row between components is getting activated unexpectedly when using tMSXMLInput component(TUP-23663)

  • TPS-3174:[6.5.1]Test Case generation on tRunJob gives compilation error "row1 cannot be resolved to a variable" (TUP-22426)
  • TPS-3110:[6.5.1]Generated schema miss some fields while import xsd (TUP-19943)
  • TPS-3123 [6.5.1]Patch TPS-2795 is overriden by patches (TBD-8618)
  • TPS-2948:[6.5.1]Facing issue while accessing joblet present on job in main project (TUP-21474)
  • TPS-2952:[6.5.1]Conditions declared for cMessageRouter component not getting propagated in the respective Route Test Case created (TESB-24784)
  • TPS-2901:[6.5.1] The exception "NoSuchDatabaseException:Database"xxxx"not found (TBD-8077)
  • TPS-2854:[6.5.1]Should exclude unnecessary standard job library dependency in sub big data job (TUP-21596)
  • TPS-2846:[6.5.1]Unable to retrieve the schema from Synonym but works fine for table (TUP-21086)
  • TPS-2830:[6.5.1]OnSubJob Links Not Working (TUP-21333)
  • TPS-2769:[6.5.1]Reference Project - New context group variable not getting applied to the jobs (TUP-20778)
  • TPS-2774:[6.5.1]Studio Crash using tmap component after McOS Mojave Upgrade (TUP-20866)
  • TPS-2753:[6.5.1]Studio cant be installed in a folder with space in folder name (TUP-20985)
  • TPS-2594:[6.5.1] Custom distribution fixes for MapR 6.0.1 support (TBD-7301)
  • TPS-2710:[6.5.1] Wrong branch value in jobs generated by CI (TUP-20223)
  • TPS-2649:[6.5.1] Documentation for tXMLMap does not show the mapping (TUP-20570)
  • TPS-2691:[6.5.1]unable to retreive tables from AS400 (TUP-20164)
  • TPS-2692:[6.5.1]Cannot Run Job (DQ report component) with Snowflake JDBC (TDQ-15815 TDQ-15259)
  • TPS-2699:[6.5.1]Can't save the URL string in report editor (TDQ-15840)
  • TPS-2630:[6.5.1]Adding context environment in the reference project, they do not get updated in the main project (TUP-20411)
  • TPS-2625:[6.5.1]Migration tasks are re-executed and encrypting passwords (TUP-20391)
  • TPS-2597:[6.5.1]__tdm folder missing when generate the war file (TUP-20438)
  • TPS-2557:[6.5.1]Building a job is slow in Studio with Cloud Remote Project mode (TUP-19833)
  • TPS-2598:[6.5.1]BASE64Decoder and BASE64Encoder should be replaced by other class (TDQ-14095)
  • TPS-2577:[6.5.1] Spark job fails compilation with MapR 5.1.0 - Schema/Column size Issue (TBD-6518)
  • TPS-2575:[6.5.1]java.lang.StackOverflowError in 6.5.1 studio (TUP-20312)
  • TPS-2533:[6.5.1]Compilation error for tFileInputPositional in Big Data Batch when Pattern field is set with a context variable(TBD-7040)
  • TPS-2544:[6.5.1]Studio "Attempted to beginRule: F/.Java/src/main/java, does not match outer scope rule" Error (TUP-20166)
  • TPS-2544:[6.5.1]Studio failed to connect to a local git bitbucket project defined in TMC with "Failed to create branch" (TUP-20096)
  • TPS-2544:[6.5.1][git]Save testcases after creating on job takes too much time to a git project. (TUP-19746)
  • TPS-2539:[6.5.1]Talend Studio v6.5 always prompts for git credentials after clicking the checkbox to store in secure store. (TUP-19949)
  • TPS-2531:[6.5.1]SAP Metadata infoobject retrieval issue (TUP-20195)
  • TPS-2514:[6.5.1]java.lang.StackOverflowException when job is run (TUP-19691)
  • TPS-2485:[6.5.1]java.lang.NullPointerException on opening a job that uses context variable group (TUP-20114)
  • TPS-2463:[6.5.1]Cannot Add Remote Server to Talend (TUP-20045)
  • TPS-2469:[6.5.1]Child jobs are not being generated via itemfilter in CI Builder (TUP-19756)
  • TPS-2413:[6.5.1]Studio cannot download third-party libraries from behind proxy server (TUP-19667)
  • TPS-2390:[6.5.1]Cannot List HDFS Directory When Retrieving Schema From Metadata Hadoop Cluster Connection (TUP-19610)
  • TPS-2374:[6.5.1]Cannot connect from studio to TAC via proxy server with basic authentication (TUP-19270)
  • TPS-2364:[6.5.1]Implicit tContextLoad : Does not load variables when From File is initialized with a context variable (TUP-19528)
  • TPS-2307:[6.5.1]Adapt Studio usage of jobserver client to authorize each operation (TUP-19282)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Studio 6.5.1 must be installed.


Installing the patch using Software update

  1. Logon TAC and switch to Configuration->Software Update, enter the correct values and save referring to the documentation:

  2. Switch to Software update page, where the new patch will be listed. The patch can be downloaded from here into the nexus repository.

  3. On Studio Side: Logon Studio with remote mode, at logon page could see Update button, click this button, install the patch

Installing the patch using Talend Studio

  1. create folder which named "patches" under your studio installer directory and copy patch .zip file to this folder

  2. restart your studio, will popup up prompt window at first time and then click ok button to install the patch, or restart commandline, patch will be installed automatically.

Installing the patch using Commandline

Execute the following commands:

  1. Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -nosplash -application org.talend.commandline.CommandLine -consoleLog -data commandline-workspace startServer -p 8002 --talendDebug

  2. initRemote {tac_url} -ul {TAC login username} -up {TAC login password}

  3. checkAndUpdate -tu {TAC login username} -tup {TAC login password}