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Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide (deprecated)

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About this task

The logo file to use as a header in the reports you launch from the Portal is a Talend logo by default, but you can decide to use a logo of your choice to make your reports comply with the corporate graphical guidelines.

You can use a local logo or load a logo from an external URL.

  • You have accessed Talend DQ Portal as an administrator.

To set the Portal to use a logo of your choice in the generated reports, do the following:


  1. To use a local logo, paste your logo file in the root directory of Talend Studio in the file: /apache-tomcat/webapps/tdqportal/themes/sbi_default/img/tdq.
  2. On the toolbar, click the icon and select Lovs Management.
    A page of a predefined list of values is displayed.


  3. Click the icon next to the value TDQ_LOGO_Path.
    The detailed view of the selected value is displayed.


  4. In the Script field, set the path to your logo file.
    If you want to load a logo from an external URL, set the external URL in this field.
  5. Click the icon.