Accessing other Talend web applications from the Portal - 7.2

Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide (deprecated)

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About this task

From the user page of Talend DQ Portal, you can have direct access to Talend Drools, Talend MDM Web UI or Talend Administration Center.

Prerequisites: You have accessed Talend DQ Portal as a user.

To open other Talend web applications from the Portal, do the following:


  1. At the root of the Tomcat installation directory, edit the host and port information (localhost:8080 by default) in the following files according to your installation:
    • tdqp/apache-tomcat/resources/static_menu/talendmdm.html

    • tdqp/apache-tomcat/resources/static_menu/talend_drools.html

    • tdqp/apache-tomcat/resources/static_menu/talend_tac.html

  2. From the web user interface, click , point to Links and select an option as the following:



    Talend MDM

    open Talend MDM Web UI.

    Talend Drools

    open the Drools Business Rules Management System deployed on Talend Administration Center.

    Talend Administration Center

    open Talend Administration Center web application.