Setting a WHERE clause in the query - 7.2

Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide (deprecated)

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  1. In the Query Editor, click Filters to open a new view.


  2. Either click the New button to add as many filters as needed, or drag the entity from the tables in theSchema panel.
    If you click the filter icon next to the entity name in the Select Fields table, the filter will appear directly in the Filters table.
    In this example, you want to filter:
    • the analysis name to query a specific analysis, ColumnAnalysis_WithThresholds,

    • the indicators to collect only the statistics on Blank Count, Duplicate Count, Null Count and Distinct Count,

    • the data, indicator and indicator percentage thresholds to show only the records that violates the defined thresholds.

  3. Click Exp Wizard on top of the table to display the Expression Editor dialog box. Here you can modify the expression conditions.


  4. Close the Expression Editor dialog box.
  5. If required, use the Query Catalog panel to the right of the editor to create different levels of queries under the main query and save them as a group.
    For further information, see Creating and saving a group of queries.