Full-text index replication - 7.0

Talend Data Fabric Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
MDM comes with a built-in full-text index replication based on JMS topics.

Each MDM server instance maintains its own full-text indexes. To maintain consistent indexes within the cluster, each change made on one node must be broadcasted to the other nodes so that each node applies modifications to its own indexes. This is called full-text index replication.

Suppose there are several MDM server nodes in a cluster. If a change affecting a full-text index needs to be performed on one node, the node will perform this change locally and then send a JMS message on a topic. When receiving the message, all the other nodes will perform the same change locally to ensure index consistency.

This feature is enabled as soon as an MDM data source has full-text capability enabled and system.cluster=true is added under the System Settings section in the file <$INSTALLDIR>/conf/mdm.conf.

For more information, see Managing database search modes and Setting up a cluster of MDM Servers.

When running with an Apache ActiveMQ as the JMS broker, the JMS topic used for full-text index replication is org.talend.mdm.server.index.replication.