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Talend Data Fabric Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade

Talend MDM implementations where master data records are stored in a SQL database include a Staging Area in which MDM users can load data that is then asynchronously validated.

This Staging Area is a mirror of the SQL storage area containing the master data records. The only difference is that the staging area database does not include constraints in its schema (such as not null values or foreign key integrity). However, this does not mean that records with invalid foreign keys can be loaded into the Master database if Foreign Key Integrity is enabled.

For each data container (a data container being an instance of a SQL storage), a second SQL storage also exists which is the Staging Area for the data container in question. For example, if you have a data container called Product, this means that a data container called Product#STAGING also exists.

MDM users can load data into the Staging Area in the following ways:
  • using SQL components: execute INSERT statements on the database, using JDBC or Data Integration components

  • using MDM components: use the tMDMOuput and tMDMBulkload components and specify that the data container is data_container_name#STAGING (for example, Product#STAGING instead of Product)

    Note that the tMDMOutput component does not allow the insertion or update of non-valid data.Talend MDM

Note that the tMDMOutput component does not allow the insertion or update of non-valid data.Talend MDM provides both a user interface and REST access to trigger the transfer from the Staging Area to the master database. This transfer is called a staging area validation task because it includes a step where records from the Staging Area are validated against MDM validation rules (such as XSD, Security and Validation rules).

For more details on how to trigger this transfer from the Talend MDM Web UI, see the Talend MDM Web UI User Guide.