TPS-3746 - 7.0

Talend Data Fabric
Talend Data Mapper


Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20200130_TPS-3746_v1
Release Date 2020-01-30
Target Version 7.0.1
Product affected TDM


Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20180703_TPS-2553_v1
Release Date 2019-07-03
Target Version 7.0.1
Product affected TDM


Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20190918_TPS-3428_v1
Release Date 2019-09-18
Target Version 7.0.1
Product affected TDM


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for App Version.

NOTE: For information on how to obtain this patch, reach out to your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

  • TDM-7744 Cant create null objects/fields in datamapper in json format
  • TDM-6300 "Duplicate local variable" Compillation Error When tHMapRecord components are in BD Streaming Job
  • TDM-7391 error executing an orchestration job that launch, in parallel, multiple jobs containning a THMapInput Caused by: Unable to find '/__tdm/.content' in classpath


  • Talend Studio 7.0.1 must be installed.


  1. Stop the Studio
  2. Delete the following directories: /configuration/org.eclipse.osgi /configuration/ComponentsCache.javacache /configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/libraries/tdm-* Delete all osdt* directories from your Temp folder
  3. Create a directory called patches in the
  4. Copy the patch zip file into the patches directory
  5. Start the Studio, you should get a Dialog box acknowledging the new patch is installed
  6. For more details, see