R2021-12 (cumulative patch) - 8.0

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R2021-12 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch name Patch_20211217_R2021-12_v1-8.0.1
Release date 2021-12-17
Target version 20211109_1610-8.0.1
Product affected Talend Studio


This monthly release includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Studio 8.0.1.

For more information about the new features and bug fixes included in this monthly release, see:


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Studio 8.0.1 must be installed.


Before applying an update to Talend Studio, check:


A number of jars have been upgraded in this update patch. To avoid confusion, after installing this patch you can delete the CVE impacted versions from your local studio directory and artifact repository. For example, for an old log4j jar:

  • remove <studio>/configuration/.m2/repository/org/apache/logging/log4j/log4j-core/<version>/log4j-core-<version>.jar

  • remove the jar from your artifact repository:

    • groupId: org.apache.logging.log4j

    • artifactId: log4j-core

    • version: <version>

Where <studio> is your studio installation folder and <version> is the CVE impacted version. For the upgrade information and the specific impacted versions, see the "Fixed issues" and "Security CVEs" parts of this documentation.

Installing the patch via setting up the Update URL in Talend Studio (recommended)

If your Talend Studio supports installing features using the Feature Manager wizard, it can detect and notify you about available patches and install the patches automatically when the Update URL is correctly set up in Talend Studio.

For more information about the Feature Manager wizard, see Managing features in Talend Studio.

For more information about setting up the Update URL, see Setting up the Update URL of Talend Studio.

Installing the patch using Software update in Talend Administration Center (for on-premises users)

  1. Log in to Talend Administration Center and go to Settings->Configuration->Software Update. Enter the correct values and save them referring to the documentation Configuring the Software Update repository in Talend Administration Center.
  2. Download the patch from the Settings->Software Update page into the nexus repository.
  3. Log in to Talend Studio in the remote mode.
  4. If your Studio supports installing features using the Feature Manager, go to the the Feature Manager to proceed with patch installation; otherwise, click the Update button displayed on the login window to install the patch.

Installing the patch using Continuous Integration

To install the patch using the CI builder, use the -Dtalend.studio.p2.update option at build time.

For more information, see Building and Deploying.

Installing the patch manually using Talend Studio

  1. Download the patch from the repository for Talend updates manually.
  2. Create a folder named "patches" in your Studio installation directory and copy the patch .zip file to this folder.
  3. Restart your Studio.
  4. If your Studio supports installing features using the Feature Manager, log in to your project and go to the the Feature Manager to proceed with patch installation; otherwise, click OK when prompted to install the patch.

New features in R2021-12

  • TUP-33718 - Genereate component - jar index data
  • TUP-26972 - Prompt to Automatically push changes to Remote Branch
  • TUP-22589 - Improve error messages when pushing to read-only GIT branches
  • TUP-32064 - Build up to date Studio index automatically
  • TUP-33198 - Support retrieve SAP ADSO service metadata with SAP JCO3
  • TDI-44717 - [tPostgresqlOutput] Support upsert using "on conflict" clause to enable batch size
  • TDI-45710 - tXSLT support for streaming input and output
  • TDI-46936 - Cloud- cloud TDS job fails with connection timeout error while reaching to campaign
  • TDI-45793 - Extracting data from SAP BW4HANA without direct connection to DB
  • TDI-45940 - Workday Raas/Soap supporting Oauth
  • TDI-45016 - Add a configurable Query Timeout field to AS400 connection components
  • TDI-44609 - Support custom URI for MongoDB Atlas
  • TDI-46517 - MongoDB connectivity Authentication with x.509
  • APPINT-34089 - Project analysis task - Warn about duplicated routeId usage
  • APPINT-33726 - SNS component in Route to support FIFO
  • APPINT-34095 - tRESTRequest now accepts to have multipart as optional
  • APPINT-33956 - Project analysis task - Seek for components unresolved dependencies

Fixed issues in R2021-12

  • TUP-34105 - Upgraded log4j2 to 2.16.0 for CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046
  • TUP-34155 - Can't build spark job that use HDI4
  • TUP-34094 - Add progressbar for patch update when launching studio
  • TUP-33792 - No "Data viewer" for lite studio by default
  • TUP-32838 - Custom value in a table column with suggestable values is not allowed
  • TUP-33882 - Data preview failed if tSnowflakeInput using exist connection
  • TUP-33659 - JETL: "xxxClassNotFoundException: xxx" Error shows in Errorlog after loging into project
  • TUP-33854 - JETL studio can't install patch
  • TUP-33791 - Error pops up while running job in main project and it call childjob from reference project
  • TUP-33734 - Patched new features can't be shown in feature manager if it is located in a deeper category which level more than one
  • TUP-33822 - Can't update new patch successfully if last patch is installed from a sub profile (a project which required features less than studio installed)
  • TUP-33570 - Retrieve hadoop config from Ambari / Cloudera seems not working
  • TUP-33667 - Branch in "auto commit mode" switch to a "Use manual commit mode" branch will popup Uncommitted files found dialog
  • TUP-33199 - [Feature Manager->Cancel installation] After clicking on the "Cancel Operation" during installation, "Restart Studio" dialog was popped up which is improper.
  • TUP-33735 - "Hierarchical Mapper" can't show properly when switch git branch
  • TUP-33692 - Studio reset the ref project version to studio version in some case .
  • TUP-33443 - The method tFileInputDelimited_1_onSubJobError(Exception, String, Map) is undefined for the type xxxxx
  • TUP-33713 - Logon popup message in a mess when main project and refer project are on different patch
  • TUP-34096 - failed to logon the project, after clicking NO on the patch update restart dialog
  • TUP-33445 - Add configurable parameters for MDM Service Request
  • TUP-33467 - Need to adjust the UI of 'check connection' when tck component in studio
  • TUP-33497 - Bug in tDBOutput component when linking rejects to tMap
  • TUP-33533 - Studio generates .bat file with LF as 'End of Line (or new line)' character instead of CRLF
  • TUP-33564 - MDM: Met some issue when add Reference Entity in "Edit Business Element" dialog
  • TUP-33685 - Update version not saved into project if migrate a project by switch branch.
  • TUP-33731 - Remote Project: when do pull and merge for add/remove reference project, ConcurrentModificationException show in error log
  • TUP-33617 - java.io.OptionalDataException on tAvroInput
  • TUP-33709 - "Failed to create assembly" when compile a BD job with studio commandline
  • TUP-33755 - Update wizard error text not wrap if there is something wrong with the update p2
  • TUP-33834 - SVN shown in the listProject command help in CommandLine
  • TUP-33807 - Sybase ASE Triggers generated by CDC don't work when multiple lines are affected
  • TUP-33833 - Fail to log on a project if switch from tpall license to tdi license and the studio installed all feature and a patch
  • TUP-32940 - Remove "Also search from Help when performing a component searching"
  • TUP-33746 - Feature manager :Active/Deactive Features: "Resotre Defaults" not work
  • TUP-33728 - Migrate studio65 job to 801, miss DB connection
  • TUP-33121 - Talend Studio gives no error if unable to connect to remote GIT repository
  • TUP-33230 - Update patch: need restart to make new patch work for artifactory
  • TUP-34140 - run job with tRunJob failed if user B logon a project that user A installed some features contain routine
  • TUP-34141 - can't pull the changes of requiredFeatures.json for local mode
  • TUP-34149 - JETL: Cannot install patch completely
  • TDI-46912 - [tELTOutput] "Drop table if exists and create” does not work
  • TDI-46930 - compile error on tFileOutputDelimited after installing the cumulative patch
  • TDI-46984 - tFTPGet component unable to get file from FileZilla Server, with a particular Filemask in Studio, after September patch, Patch_20210924_R2021-09_v2-7.3.1
  • TDI-46791 - tBigQueryInput - Component returning extra row of NULL values
  • TDI-46905 - tFTPPut treat absolute path FTP server.
  • TDI-47170 - tFTPPut treat absolute path sFTP server.
  • TDI-46992 - Could the fix for TDI-46373 might have introduced a regression - a limit to the content log - java.nio.BufferOverflowException
  • TDI-47179 - tPostgresqlOutput: enable "Batch" checkbox for Upsert action.
  • TDI-47005 - In tsalesforceoutput component UPSERT is working even though columns were not aligned
  • TDI-46932 - tSAPInput component parses TIMS Midnight as null when using dynamic schema
  • TDI-47147 - tmap failed with first match with cache in file
  • TDI-47078 - [7.3]Multiple SQL Statements in SQL Template => Duplicate local variable
  • TDI-46962 - tAmazonAuoraOutput compilation errors
  • TDI-46850 - Upgrade ActiveMQ Jars
  • TDM-8894 - Update can't be detected when delete invalid element which used by function
  • TDM-9039 - JSON sample importer should process JSONL/NDJson files
  • TDM-9089 - Stream job run fail with eclipse runtime
  • TDM-9107 - IsPresent value is not created correctly from the imported AVSC
  • TDM-9116 - Streamline and trace dirty flag management
  • TDM-9133 - regression: retest TDM-8173 and will return error
  • TDM-9134 - Relax controls on parent looping expressions for grouping nested loops
  • TDM-9139 - tHMap will get the error when first time run if "unroll from loop"
  • TDM-9142 - Missing/Incomplete MANIFEST.MF
  • TDM-9144 - Align slf4j (maybe others) between standalone target platform and Studio
  • TDM-9145 - Distinct on Attribute of type integer is sorted by String
  • TDM-9146 - clean unused message
  • TDM-9178 - CVE: org.hibernate:hibernate-core:[5.0.9-5.3.20.Final]
  • TDQ-19920 - tMatchGroup: Job failed when using a shared connection
  • TDQ-17188 - Remote project: Report with 8 analyses failed with the error "Can't execute now"
  • TDQ-19849 - tVerifyEmail: Job couldn't be executed on some networks when Check with mail server callback was selected
  • TDQ-19750 - Talend Exchange: Activated some indicators, regexes and rules for 8.0
  • TDQ-19884 - Fixed the error preventing to import from talend Exchange
  • TDQ-19886 - Semantic-aware analysis: Enhanced an error message
  • TDQ-19293 - tData(Un)Masking: Enhanced some function names
  • TDQ-19834 - CVE: org.apache.jena upgraded to 4.2.0
  • TDQ-19203 - Analysis: Studio was unavailable while opening an analysis
  • APPINT-34090 - Studio esb/osgi-exclude.properties doesn't work any more
  • APPINT-34030 - git commit ID inconsistent when publishing artifact to Cloud.
  • APPINT-33788 - Unexpected waiting for javax.sql.DataSource dependencies (part 2)
  • APPINT-32136 - Job & Run view displays DI job icon and/or label when a route or routelet editor is active
  • APPINT-34059 - Build DemoREST as OSGI failed with offline with error Unresolveable build extension
  • APPINT-34073 - NoSuchEndpointException when run route with cAWSConnection + cAWSSQS
  • APPINT-33820 - Add setting of owner ESB task as MDC for logging of REST routes and services (backport)
  • APPINT-34113 - CXFRS jackson json provider issue
  • APPINT-34061 - Missing import for net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl
  • APPINT-34099 - tRestClient with option "Convert response to DOM document" throw error when receiving 204 response
  • APPINT-34066 - [MacOS Big Blure]Fail to build route as OSGI to runtime with ClassNotFoundException on MacOS
  • APPINT-34009 - [TCK][Studio] Unable to run Neo4jV4 and CosmosAPI in Microservice Mode
  • TBD-13301 - Expression within tMap doesn't compile due to invalidAssignmentOperator; even though the column exists in the input schema
  • TBD-13284 - Compile error on Spark job with tMap component
  • TBD-13268 - Class not Found encountered when running Spark job against S3
  • TBD-13244 - Failed to add json-smart-2.4.7-LATEST.jar to Spark environment
  • TBD-13242 - [Spark Streaming] tFileOutputDelimited components sometimes doesn't write byte[] data
  • TBD-13238 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Field "entity_name" does not exist.
  • TBD-13236 - "Use SSE-KMS encryption" property is absent for tS3Configuration component when EMR distribution is selected
  • TBD-13232 - java.lang.String is not a valid external type for schema of bigint
  • TBD-13231 - Compile error when tHiveInput in streaming job
  • TBD-13227 - java.math.BigDecimal is not a valid external type for schema of int
  • TBD-13220 - Nullpointerexception using Cross Join in Spark
  • TBD-13203 - Compile error when tCassandraOutput/tCassandraInput in streaming job
  • TBD-13199 - Wrong driver cores value is set in spark config when Synapse from repository is used
  • TBD-13198 - Wrong tunning properties field name in Synapse wizard
  • TBD-13195 - [Talend 8, Azure Synapse] Compile error "org.talend.bigdata cannot be resolved to a type" on simple Batch/Streaming job
  • TBD-13194 - Databricks launcher reuploads already existing libs
  • TBD-13187 - Compile error on tLogRow when byteArray type is used
  • TBD-13175 - EMR 6.2 fails when job contains tDatamasking component
  • TBD-13148 - Decimal precision needs to be provided in tHiveOutput schema Component in 7.3.1
  • TBD-13139 - Default value defined in tAggregateRow is not taken into account
  • TBD-13138 - A schema mismatch detected when writing to the Delta table
  • TBD-13128 - HWC doesn't work when using a cluster with Kerberos+SSL
  • TBD-13120 - ClassNotFoundException on streaming job with tKafkaInput running on spark local 3.0
  • TBD-13102 - Data Load from kafka to Data Bricks in spark streaming job
  • TBD-13373 - User did not initialize spark context when I run a simple spark job with HDI4
  • TBD-13201 - Spark job running on Synapse failed with IllegalStateException

Security CVEs fixed

  • CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 (log4j-core-2.13.2.jar, log4j-core-2.14.1.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

    DQ Components

    APPINT Components


    metadata bridge

  • CVE-2020-28052 (bcprov-jdk15on-1.62.jar), impacted:


  • SourceClear Premium (No CVE) (oauth2-oidc-sdk-6.5.jar,adal4j-1.6.5.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

    Microsoft SQL Server database metadata

  • SourceClear Premium (No CVE) (commons-codec-1.11), impacted:

    Build, publish docker images

  • CVE-2021-37714 (jsoup-1.11.2.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

  • CVE-2015-5237 (protobuf-java-3.3.0.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

  • CVE-2021-28168 (jersey-common-2.30.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

  • CVE-2021-39239 (jena-core-2.10.0.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

    DQ Profiling

  • CWE-327(bcprov-jdk15on-1.69.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

  • CVE-2021-40690 (xmlsec-2.2.0.jar), impacted:

    APPINT Components

  • CVE-2021-37137 (netty-codec-4.1.50.Final.jar,netty-codec-4.1.59.Final.jar), impacted:

    APPINT Components

  • CVE-2021-20328 (mongodb-driver-core-4.2.3.jar,mongodb-driver-sync-4.2.3.jar,bson-4.2.3.jar,mongo-java-driver-3.12.8.jar), impacted:

    DI Components

    BD Components

    MongoDB metadata

  • CVE-2021-35517 (commons-compress-1.18.jar), impacted:

    metadata bridge