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New metamodel management With the new metamodel management feature, you can define custom models and extend imported models for data management such as reference data, data quality, data security, data issue management, business rules and policies, business process modeling and improvements or regulation compliance.
The metamodeling capability is available in the Manage Metamodel page.

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New custom business models You can use the new metamodeling capability to define custom models, such as models related to reference data, business policy and rule management or data issue management.

Custom models are instantiations of a custom model type defined in the Manage Metamodel page. Talend Data Catalog provides an object modeling capability and a graphical editing capability of UML class diagrams for these custom models.

Talend Data Catalog also provides standard and system business models and model extensions. The Standard package now includes the Glossary model with new KPI and Acronym objects.

Once defined, you can use the same features available for the imported models on the custom models, including data entry, analysis and reporting using worksheets and dashboards.
  • You can use the new Hierarchies tab in the object details page to explore the models hierarchically and facilitate the data entry and reporting.