Adding a component in a Job script - 6.5

Talend Job Script Reference Guide

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To add and configure a component in a Job script, type in the addComponent{} function and define its properties between the brackets.

Component properties can be divided into three main parts:

  • component definition
  • specific settings
  • component schema

addComponent{} properties

Function Description Mandatory?


Add the following parameters in this function to define the general properties:

  • TYPE: Type in the component you want to use.

  • NAME: Type in the unique name you want to give to the component.

  • POSITION (optional): Type in the position of the component in the design workspace.


setSettings {}

Define the component settings. The parameters of this function are specific to each component.

For more information, see Job script properties of frequently used components.


addSchema {}

Use this function to define the schema of the component.

For more information, see Defining a schema in a Job script.

Yes for most components


The following example shows how to add a tFileInputDelimited component in a Job script.

addComponent {
	setComponentDefinition {
		TYPE: "tFileInputDelimited",
		NAME: "tFileInputDelimited_1",
		POSITION: 192, 128