Defining the column filter component - 6.5

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  1. Next to the tReplicate component definition, enter the addComponent {} function and its setComponentDefinition {} and setSettings {} functions and parameters to add and label the tFilterColumns component.
    // filter data columns - remove 'marriageStatus'
    addComponent {
    	setComponentDefinition {
    		TYPE: "tFilterColumns",
    		NAME: "tFilterColumns_1",
    		POSITION: 512, 224
    	setSettings {
    		LABEL : "filter_columns"
  2. Next to the setSettings {} function, enter an addSchema {} function and its addColumn {} sub-functions to define the schema for the output flow.

    In this example, just copy the column settings defined in the previous component, with the marriageStatus column removed.

    	addSchema {
    		NAME: "tFilterColumns_1",
    		addColumn {
    			NAME: "name",
    			TYPE: "id_String"
    		addColumn {
    			NAME: "gender",
    			TYPE: "id_String"
    		addColumn {
    			NAME: "age",
    			TYPE: "id_Integer",
    			LENGTH: 2
    		addColumn {
    			NAME: "city",
    			TYPE: "id_String"