Validating email addresses and showing duplicates - 6.5

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Follow the procedure below to add and configure two tJavaRow components, one used to validate the duplicated email addresses and display the validation result, and the other to display the duplicate email addresses.


  1. Next to the tUniqRow component settings, add a new component, tJavaRow.
    addComponent {
    	setComponentDefinition {
    		TYPE: "tJavaRow",
    		NAME: "tJavaRow_1",
    		POSITION: 640, 96
  2. Next to the setComponentDefinition {} function of this tJavaRow component, define the component properties using the setSettings {} function.

    In this example, this tJavaRow component, labelled validate, will be used to execute a piece Java code to check whether the character string of each incoming row pertains to an email address, and then display the validation result.

    	setSettings {
    		CODE : "String email =;
    Perl5Matcher matcher = new Perl5Matcher();
    Perl5Compiler compiler = new Perl5Compiler();
    Pattern pattern = compiler.compile(\"^[\\\\w_.-]+@[\\\\w_.-]+\\\\.[\\\\w]+$\");
    if (!matcher.matches(email, pattern)) {
    	System.out.println(\"invalid : \" + email);
    	System.out.println(\"valid   : \" + email);",
    		LABEL : "validate"
  3. Now add and configure the second tJavaRow, which is used to display the duplicate email addresses.
    addComponent {
    	setComponentDefinition {
    		TYPE: "tJavaRow",
    		NAME: "tJavaRow_2",
    		POSITION: 640, 288
    	setSettings {
    		CODE : "System.out.println(\"duplicate: \" +;",
    		LABEL : "duplicates"