Generating and executing the Job - 6.5

Talend Job Script Reference Guide

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Now you have set up all the components and connections required for this example, you can generate your Job from the Job script and execute it in your Studio.


  1. Save your Job script, then right-click the Job script in the Repository tree view, and select Generate Job from the contextual menu.
  2. If needed, double-click the generated Job in the Repository tree view and check the Job design in the Designer tab view.
  3. Press F6 or click the Run button on the Run console to execute the Job.


As the expected result, the output file consolidated_list.csv should read:

1;James Cleveland;75;Richmond
2;Bill Roosevelt;18;Austin
3;George Carter;76;Topeka
4;Herbert Jefferson;48;Raleigh
5;Woodrow Hayes;54;Annapolis
6;Ulysses van Buren;56;Frankfort
7;Ulysses Kennedy;47;Bismarck
8;Woodrow Adams;37;Montgomery
9;Theodore McKinley;44;Salem
10;Dwight Buchanan;38;Little Rock
11;Herbert Jefferson;26;Salt Lake City
12;Zachary Adams;41;Harrisburg
13;Harry Grant;31;Atlanta
14;Millard Pierce;34;Annapolis
15;Ronald McKinley;28;Jackson
16;Rutherford Clinton;18;Carson City
17;Richard Roosevelt;49;Salt Lake City
18;Woodrow Adams;52;Providence
19;Millard Fillmore;79;Raleigh
20;James Fillmore;75;Sacramento