Defining a Job execution trigger - 6.5

Talend Job Script Reference Guide

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Follow the steps below to add and configure the tLoop component to the Job script, to trigger the execution of the Job.


  1. Create a new Job script, enter an addComponent {} function, and inside this function, enter the setComponentDefinition {} function and its parameters to add the tLoop component:
    addComponent {
    	setComponentDefinition {
    		TYPE: "tLoop",
    		NAME: "tLoop_1",
    		POSITION: 256, 192
  2. Next to the setComponentDefinition {} function, enter the setSettings {} function to define a loop.

    In this example, a FOR loop is defined to trigger the Job execution 3 times.

    	setSettings {
    		FORLOOP : "true",
    		FROM : "1",
    		TO : "3",
    		STEP : "1",
    		INCREASE : "true"