Using the Implicit Context Load feature - 6.2

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Job parameterization based on context variables enables you to orchestrate and execute your Jobs in different contexts or environments. You can define the values of your context variables when creating them, or load your context parameters dynamically, either explicitly or implicitly, when your Jobs are executed.

The use case below describes how to use the Implicit Context Load feature of your Talend Studio to load context parameters dynamically at the time of Job execution. For how to load context parameters explicitly at the time of Job execution, see the documentation of the tContextLoad component in the Talend Components Reference Guide. For more information on using contexts and variables, see Using contexts and variables.

The Job in this use case is composed of only two components. It will read employees data stored in two MySQL databases, one for testing and the other for production purposes. The connection parameters for accessing these two databases are stored in another MySQL database. When executed, the Job loads these connection parameters dynamically to connect to the two databases.