Deploying the task on the server - 6.2

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To deploy the execution task on the server, do the following:

  1. Select the task in the Job Conductor page and click Generate on the toolbar.

  2. Once the status of this task reads Ready to send on the task list, select the task again and click Deploy on the toolbar.

  3. Once the status of this task reads Ready to run on the task list, select the task again and click Run on the toolbar.

    This task will automatically run the launch-report Job from Talend Administration Center Web Application on monthly basis. The column analysis listed in the evolution report is executed and its results are saved in the data quality data mart and the report file is saved in the output folder defined in the tDqReportRun basic settings.

    Generating this evolution report repeatedly will track data changes in the address columns initially profiles. The line in the report will start to go upwards if data is fixed and downwards if data gets less accurate and consistent. All business users can access this report from Talend Data Quality Portal and see the evolution of address data over time.

    Below is an example of the evolution report that can be accessed by the Portal:

    This report shows the evolution of data in the email column from October 2012 till June 2013. Some improvement were done to email records in February 2013 followed by some degradation of data, then there was no change in data quality till June 2013.