Preparing your project in the Studio - 6.2

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This short scenario walks you through the main steps involved in setting up a simple MDM project. In this example, you recreate some of the content included in the MDM Demo Project.


If you already imported the MDM Demo Project, you will have conflicts with the name of the Data Model and other elements, so make sure you create a new project from scratch.

Firstly, in Talend Studio, you define the data model and data container, and you then set up a view that you can use to interact with the data they contain using Talend MDM Web User Interface.

Next, you define a match rule, attach the match rule to the data model, and then verify that the match rule works well from Talend MDM Web User Interface.

More complex actions such as the creation of processes and triggers are beyond the scope of this scenario.

Before you begin this scenario, make sure you have a valid connection to an MDM Server and have created an empty project.