Tab panel of the analysis editors - 6.2

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This management tab panel is located at the bottom of the analysis editors. It contains a pair of tabs:

  • Analysis Settings,

  • Analysis Results.

The Analysis Settings tab lists the settings for the current analysis in the currenty editor.

The figure below is an example of the parameters of a column analysis.


The Analysis Results tab lists:

  • a summary of the executed analysis in the Analysis Summary view in which it specifies the connection, the database and the table names for the current analysis,

  • the results of the executed analysis, graphics and tables, in the Analysis Results view.

The figure below is an example of a column analysis results.

In the Analysis Results view, you can:

  • click the arrow located next to a column name to display the types of analyses done on that column,

  • select a type of analysis to display the corresponding generated graphics and tables.