User interfaces for data governance and data stewardship - 6.2

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Talend Studio provides the processing layers that ensure the right people have the right tools to centrally model and manipulate master data. This key capability comprises the relevant features involved in master data governance and stewardship.

Data governance is the process of defining the rules that master data has to follow. Data stewardship is the process of making sure that the data follows those rules. This means that it is necessary to have both a governance function, to demonstrate that the right controls are in place, and a stewardship function, to ensure that the controls are enforced.

In Talend MDM, the governance and stewardship processes are available through two different user interfaces. The first is an administration tool called Talend Studio. The second is a web-based interface called Talend MDM Web User Interface.

Users of Talend Studio can set the governance rules that include who can read, create, update, and delete data; which validity models are required for data; which privacy policies are enforced; and which recovery provisions are required, to name a few. For more information about available administration tasks, see Setting data governance rules, Advanced subjects, and Security.

Users of Talend MDM Web User Interface can carry out any manual interventions necessary to make sure that the master data is clean, consistent, and accurate. Talend MDM Web User Interface also gives access to Talend Data Stewardship Console that will allow the dedicated user to manually resolve data issues that results from the matching and integration operations on the master data. For more information, see Talend MDM Web User Interface User Guide.