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Talend Studio provides a BPM perspective where workflows can be defined, laid out and shared in a graphical format. In this perspective, you can define what steps are necessary, and in what order, to complete a workflow. For further information, see Designing a workflow from scratch.

Talend Studio provides you with a workflow wizard that simplifies the creation of a workflow. For further information, see Designing a workflow using the workflow wizard.

Since there are no associated users when non-human tasks of a workflow are executed in the background, pay attention to the following two cases:

  • When performing an update of a record through a Talend connector, you can use the setUpdateUsername method to generate a correct journal event even if there is no current user available. By default, if no user name is specified, the journal event will end up with "??????" as the user name. For more information about Talend connectors, see How to define Talend connectors in the BPM perspective.

  • When reading or writing values of a record through the mdm_context variable, you can use the setBypassSecurity method to bypass security checks. By default, the security checks are performed on the current login user. For more information about mdm_context, see Working with mdm_context.

Once a workflow is created, you can deploy it directly into the MDM perspective of Talend Studio. A Process based on the workflow can then be generated to initiate human or machine interventions on master data records in a specific business entity. You can also set specific security access rights for users when they update master data through a workflow process.

You can export all the workflows created in the BPM perspective which is part of the Studio or export the Repository items as needed in the MDM perspective. Meanwhile, you can import workflows either from files in the BPM perspective or from MDM server and zip files in the MDM perspective.

For more information on deploying workflows, see Deploying a workflow process to MDM server.

For more information on exporting and importing workflows, see Exporting and importing workflow processes.

For more information on Process generation, see Generating a workflow execution Process.

For further information on workflow access security, see Setting up workflow access security.