Editing a Business Model - 6.2

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Follow the relevant procedure according to your needs:

How to rename a Business Model

  1. Right-click the relevant Business Model label on the Repository tree view then select Edit properties to display the corresponding Main properties information in the [Edit properties] dialog box.

  2. Edit the model name in the Name field, then click Finish to close the dialog box. The model label changes automatically in the Repository tree view and will be reflected on the model tab of the design workspace, the next time you open the Business Model.


    If the Business Model is open, the information in the [Edit properties] dialog box will be read-only so you will not be able to edit them.

How to copy and paste a Business Model

  1. In Repository > Business model, right-click the Business Model name to be copied and select Copy in the popup menu, or press Ctrl+C.

  2. Then right-click where you want to paste your Business Model, and select Paste.

How to move a Business Model

  1. To move a Business Model from a location to another in your business models project folder, select a Business Model in the Repository > Business Models tree.

  2. Then simply drop it to the new location.

How to delete a Business Model

  1. Right-click the name of the model to be deleted and select Delete in the popup menu.

  2. Alternatively, simply select the relevant Business Model, then drop it into the Recycle bin of the Repository tree view.