Setting up a Hadoop cluster connection - 7.2

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  1. Right-click Hadoop cluster under the Metadata node in the Repository tree view, and select Create Hadoop cluster from the contextual menu to open the connection setup wizard. Give the cluster connection a name, Hadoop_Sandbox in this example, and click Next.
  2. Configure the Hadoop cluster connection:
    1. Select a Hadoop distribution and its version.
    2. Specify the NameNode URI and the Resource Manager. In this example, we use the host name sandbox, which is supposed to have been mapped to the IP address assigned to the Sandbox virtual machine, for both the NameNode and Resource Manager and the default ports, 8020 and 50300 respectively.
    3. Specify a user name for Hadoop authentication, sandbox in this example.
  3. Click Finish.


The Hadoop cluster connection appears under the Hadoop Cluster node in the Repository view.