Extracting the replicated data of interest - 7.2


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  1. Double-click the tCouchDBInput component to open its Component view.
  2. Click Edit schema to define the data structure to be read from the CouchDB database.
    By default, the Include docs check box is selected, so the id, key, value and jsonDoc columns are available in the schema.
    In this example, we define four columns to be extracted: id, title, author and category.
  3. Enter the Server and Port information.
  4. In the Database field, enter the name of the database from which the replicated data will be read. In this example, it is bookstore_new.
  5. In the Querying options area, type in the start key and end key to set the range of the data to be read: "001" and "006" in this example.
  6. Select the Extract JSON field check box to extract the desired data.
  7. Select jsonDoc from the JSON field list.
  8. In the Mapping area, click [+] to add items. Select the schema output column from the list and then type in the proper XPath query.