Opening a CouchDB connection and triggering replication - 7.2


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  1. Double-click the tCouchDBConnection component to open its Basic settings view in theComponent tab.
  2. In the Server and Port fields, type in the connection details.
  3. In the Database field, type in the name of the database you want to use: bookstore_old in this example.
  4. Select the CouchDB version that you are using from the DB Version list.
  5. Select the Use trigger replication check box.
  6. In the Replicate target database area, click [+] to add one line for database replication settings.
  7. Enter the name of the target database name: bookstore_new in this example.
  8. Select the Continuous check box to continue the replication upon the server restart.
  9. In this example, the target database does not exist. Select the Create target DB check box to create the target database.
  10. Select the Is Canceled check box to cancel the replication between bookstore_old and bookstore_new at the end of the Job.