Build and install the camel-jmx sample applications - 7.2

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About this task

This sample consists of two parts:

  • service/ - This is the CXF service packaged as an OSGi bundle.
  • war/ - This module creates a WAR archive containing the service module. This is for Servlet container use only, not used in OSGi deployment.


  1. From the example parent directory, <TalendRuntimePath>/examples/talend/tesb, run the following command to install the example parent pom.xml file into the local maven repository.
    mvn install --non-recursive
  2. From the base directory of this sample, the Maven pom.xml file can be used to build and run the demo.
    cd camel-jmx
    mvn clean install
    Running this command will build the demo and create a WAR archive and an OSGi bundle for deploying the service either to servlet or OSGi containers.
  3. Start Talend Runtime Container.
    • (on Linux)
    • trun.bat (on Windows)
  4. Add camel-jmx example features URL. Type this command in Talend Runtime Container:
    feature:repo-add mvn:org.talend.esb.examples/camel-jmx-feature//xml
  5. To install the example feature, type this command in the Talend Runtime Container:
    feature:install camel-jmx-service


After deploying the samples you can see the Camel MBeans and their attributes which can be monitored using the JDK's JConsole. These attributes are also included in the metrics that we will monitor with help of Nagios.