Talend ESB Nagios configuration template files - 7.2

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The Talend configuration files for Nagios are only available in the Talend Open Studio for ESB and Talend ESB download packages at the moment. They are in the <TalendRuntimePath>/add-ons/adapters/nagios directory.

There are four pre-defined configuration template files which ship with Talend ESB - these contain the Check definitions. These can be used for monitoring metrics of CXF, Camel and ActiveMQ resources.

File Description
jmx_commands.cfg defines three commands for Nagios monitoring, including check_jmx4perl_cxf, check_jmx4perl_camel and check_jmx4perl_activemq commands. Each command has several macros which need to be defined in the etc/resources.cfg of Nagios.
cxf.cfg check definition for cxf metrics to be monitored.
camel.cfg check definition for camel metrics to be monitored.
activemq.cfg check definition for activemq metrics to be monitored.

In addition, there are three sample xxx_host.cfg configuration files which provided most of the useful metrics monitoring for CXF, Camel and ActiveMQ - these contain the service and host definitions. You can define your own xxx_host.cfg for monitoring specific metrics and specific resources (CXF services, Camel routes, and so on):

File Description
cxf_host.cfg sample configuration of host and service definition for CXF monitoring.
camel_host.cfg sample configuration of host and service definition for Camel monitoring.
activemq_host.cfg sample configuration of host and service definition for ActiveMQ monitoring.