Setting up a remote connection in Talend Studio - 7.2

Talend Data Integration Installation Guide for Mac

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Installation and Upgrade
You can set up a connection to Talend Administration Center or to Talend Integration Cloud.


  1. Launch Talend Studio.
  2. In the Talend Studio login window, click the Manage Connections button to open the Connections window.
  3. In the Connections window that opens, click the + button to create a new connection.
  4. From the Repository list, select:
    • Remote TAC to create a connection to Talend Administration Center.

    • a Talend Cloud server or Cloud Custom to create a connection to Talend Integration Cloud.

      If you select Cloud Custom, you can edit, if needed, the server URL automatically filled in the Server URL field.

  5. Enter the name and the description for the connection in the corresponding Name and Description fields.
  6. Enter the email and the password for the user you created in Talend Administration Center or Talend Cloud Management Console in the corresponding User name and User Password fields.
    • The logon credential information is case sensitive and must be exactly the same as defined in the Talend Administration Center.
    • If SSO is enabled in Talend Administration Center, you need to enter SSO username and password in the User name and User Password fields. For more information, contact your administrator.
  7. Specify the directory for your workspace in the Workspace field.

    Be careful not to use an existing local workspace. If needed, you can create another folder in the Talend Studio alongside the default workspace folder.

    Warning: Make sure that the path of your workspace directory contains no space or special characters, which may cause Talend Studio to fail to work because of JVM compatibility issues.
  8. Enter the URL for Talend Administration Center (for example, http://localhost:8080/org.talend.administrator but, depending on your configuration, you may have to replace <localhost> with the server IP address, and <8080> with the port set for the application), or edit the URL for Talend Integration Cloud if needed, in the Web-app Url field and then click Check url to validate the connectivity.
    Tip: If your Talend Studio fails to connect to the remote server, a dialog box is displayed to allow you to:
    • Retry connecting to the remote server.
    • Modify the connection timeout time to allow more retries. The value 0 means no connection timeout.

    If needed, click Cancel to close the dialog box and check your connection details.

  9. Click OK.


You can now select the newly created connection in the Talend Studio login window to connect to a collaborative project.

Warning: To connect to an SVN managed project via a proxy, be sure your proxy does not require authentication. Otherwise your project connection will fail.