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Installation and Upgrade
The following table provides information on the recommended and supported version control systems you can use to store your Talend projects.

In the following documentation:

  • Recommended: designates an environment recommended by Talend based on our experiences and customer usage.
  • Supported: designates a supported environment for use with the listed component or service.
  • Supported with limitations: designates an environment that is supported by Talend but with certain conditions explained in notes.

Apache Subversion version control servers

Version control servers Version Compatible Apache Subversion Support type
VisualSVN Server1 4.1 Apache Subversion 1.10 Supported
3.9 Apache Subversion 1.10 Supported
3.8 Apache Subversion 1.9 Supported
With module Apache httpd-2.0 with mod_dav_svn 1.11 Apache Subversion 1.8 Supported
Bitnami Subversion Stack 1.11 Apache Subversion 1.8 Supported
SVNEdge 5.2 Apache Subversion 1.8 Supported
1 VisualSVN Server does not support Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM) method.
Note: Apache Subversion is supported in standalone mode.

Git version control servers

Version control servers Version Support type
GitHub SaaS 2.16 Recommended
GitHub Enterprise 2.16 Recommended
Bitbucket SaaS   Supported
Bitbucket Server 5.x to 7.16 Supported
Azure DevOps (SaaS)   Supported
Azure DevOps Server (on-premise) 5 TFS 2018 to latest Supported
AWS CodeCommit (SaaS) 2   Supported
GitLab 3 Latest Supported
Gitblit 1.8 Supported
Note: Talend recommends that you use Talend Studio to make changes to your repository workspace, and that you use your version control system for Talend projects from Talend Studio.

1 Compatibility checked with Bitbucket versions 5.6 and 5.10. Talend assumes that all minor versions of 5.x are backwards compatible. To see the changes between versions, see the Bitbucket upgrade matrix.

2 Talend only supports authentication with Git credentials and Personal Access Tokens.

3 Latest version (with backward compatibility to GitLab 11)

4 Formerly Azure VSTS.

5 Formerly Azure TFS.