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Eclipse upgrade The Talend Studio is now based on Eclipse 4.10 to benefit the latest features that Eclipse offers.
Java 11 support The Talend Studio can now run on Java 11.
No-Internet mode Now Studio users can launch the Talend Studio without Internet access.
Enhanced SAP support tSAPTableInput and tELTSAPMap let you select the Use the RFC server option, which allows you to directly extract large volumes of data from an SAP application.
Warning: This feature is in technical preview status and an experimental feature.
Enhanced Data mapping components tHMapFile and tHMapInput components now support a reject mechanism. You can design a Job that connects tHMapFile (or tHMapInput) component to an output component with a Row > Rejects connection.

For more information, refer to the tHMapInput documentation and tHMapInput documentation on Talend Help Center.

Enhanced Snowflake support
  • tSnowflakeBulkExec includes the following features:
    • Use Custom Stage Prefix allows you to specify the path or location where you upload data. You can also specify the prefix of the files to be uploaded
    • S3 Max Error Retry or Azure Max Error Retry allows you to specify the maximum retry times when an error occurs during loading data to the S3 bucket
    • Put Command Error Retry allows you to specify the maximum retry times when an error occurs during loading data to the internal Snowflake storage
  • tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec, tSnowflakeBulkExec, and tSnowflakeOutputBulk now offer the Use Custom S3 Connection Configuration option.
  • tSnowflakeOutputBulk and tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec now support the Non-empty Storage Folder Action option, where you can add new files, cancel an upload, or replace existing files.
Enhanced Microsoft CRM support Microsoft Dynamics WebAPI v9.1 (2018) is now supported.
Additional JDBC parameters support in components Studio users can now provide additional JDBC parameters in the following components:
  • tFirebirdInput, tFirebirdOutput, tFirebirdRow
  • tIngresInput, tIngresOutput, tIngresRow, tIngresSCD
  • tInterbaseInput, tInterbaseOutput, tInterbaseRow
  • tNetezzaBulkExec, tNetezzaInput, tNetezzaNzLoad
  • tParAccelBulkExec, tParAccelInput, tParAccelOutput, tParAccelOutputBulkExec, tParAccelRow, tParAccelSCD
  • tPostgresPlusBulkExec, tPostgresPlusInput, tPostgresPlusOutput, tPostgresPlusRow, tPostgresPlusSCD, tPostgresPlusSCDELT
  • tPostgresqlBulkExec, tPostgresqlInput, tPostgresqlOutput, tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec, tPostgresqlRow, tPostgresqlSCD, tPostgresqlSCDELT
  • tVectorWiseInput, tVectorWiseOutput, tVectorWiseRow
  • tIngresCDC
  • tPostgresqlCDC
  • tPostgresqlInvalidRows
  • tPostgresqlValidRows
Additional JDBC parameters support in metadata connections Studio users can now provide additional JDBC parameters for all database connections in the metadata wizard.
Components renamed The following components are renamed:
  • tSalesforceWaveBulkExec to tSalesforceEinsteinBulkExec
  • tSalesforceWaveOutputBulkExec to tSalesforceEinsteinOutputBulkExec
Json Web Token audience Studio users can now set Json Web Token audience in the following components:
  • tSalesforceConnection
  • tSalesforceInput
  • tSalesforceOutput
  • tSalesforceBulkExec
  • tSalesforceGetDeleted
  • tSalesforceGetUpdated
  • tSalesforceOutputBulkExec
  • tSalesforceGetServerTimeStamp
Default Salesforce API version changed The default Salesforce API version changed to 45.0.
New check box available for the tCreateTemporaryFile component Studio users can now specify a prefix in temporary filenames in the tCreateTemporaryFile component.
Specifying a schema for the temporary table Studio users can now specify a schema for the temporary table in the following components:
  • tSnowflakeBulkExec
  • tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec
Support for PostgreSQL 11 The following components now support PostgreSQL 11 when the database version is 9.0 or later:
  • tPostgresqlBulkExec
  • tPostgresqlCDC
  • tPostgresqlConnection
  • tPostgresqlInput
  • tPostgresqlInvalidRows
  • tPostgresqlOutput
  • tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec
  • tPostgresqlRow
  • tPostgresqlSCD
  • tPostgresqlSCDELT
  • tPostgresqlValidRows

Support for Netezza 11.x

This release supports Netezza 11.x. Components involved:
  • tNetezzaBulkExec
  • tNetezzaClose
  • tNetezzaCommit
  • tNetezzaConnection
  • tNetezzaInput
  • tNetezzaNzLoad
  • tNetezzaOutput
  • tNetezzaRollback
  • tNetezzaRow
  • tNetezzaSCD
Support for UUID database type The following components now support UUID type when the database version is Vertica 9.0 or later:
  • tVerticaBulkExec
  • tVerticaConnection
  • tVerticaInput
  • tVerticaOutput
  • tVerticaOutputBulkExec
  • tVerticaRow
  • tVerticaSCD

Talend Administration Center

Feature Description
New mechanism of configuring quantity of threads for parallel execution in Execution Plan The limitation for parallel Job execution in an execution plan can be set by the administrator in the database configuration table by editing the value of the scheduler.conf.executionPlanThreadPoolSize property.
Support for Always Encrypted feature of Microsoft SQL Server 2016+ Talend Administration Center supports Windows Certificate Store and Java Key Store keys providers for the Always Encrypted feature of Microsoft SQL Server.