Data Stewardship: new features - 7.2

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Campaign monitoring Campaign owners can now monitor data stewards' efficiency and adherence to service level agreement (SLA) through a manageable dashboard with metrics which identify trends and provide a comprehensive snapshot of performance.

Campaign owners can add widgets to the dashboard and interact with the data to visualize information related to daily operations and to see key performance indicators.

Multiple approval steps Campaign owners can now add two or more sequential approval steps to the task workflow in a campaign. This four eyes principle means that tasks can be approved by at least two stewards to ensure the quality and integrity of data.
Comments The addition of comments and discussion threads on tasks and task attributes helps improve collaboration among Data Stewards and Campaign Owners. Also, the addition of comments on transition decisions helps providing explanation about the choice to accept or reject the changes done on tasks and thus track collaboration and feedback.
Convert character width It is now possible to check for inconsistent spelling and convert the character width to half or full width, or normalize strings.
Open JDK support In addition to Oracle JDK, Talend supports OpenJDK 11 to generate, execute, and build Jobs.
Kafka support Talend now supports version 2.1 of Kafka.
MongoDB Talend now supports version 4.0 of MongoDB.