ESB: migration from 6.x.x to 7.2.1 - 7.2

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ESB Studio upgrade The ESB Studio requires a new installation. You need to export your 6.x, 7.0 or 7.1 projects from your local workspace and import the project with the ESB Studio 7.2.1.
Remote project upgrade If you use a shared (remote) Project you need to upgrade Talend Administration Center first, and then connect to your remote project without further actions required.
Studio project upgrade Studio projects can be used without any manual migration. When the Data Services, Jobs and Routes are opened in the ESB Studio, the components that need changes will be upgraded automatically.




ESB Runtime upgrade The ESB Runtime (OSGi Container) requires a new installation. See also Compatibility notes on Studio Data Services and Studio Routes for details.

Talend Administration Center



Talend Administration Center upgrade Talend Administration Center requires a new installation. Please follow the migration chapter in the Talend Migration Guide.

The ESB related pages in Talend Administration Center 7.1 are not backward compatible with older versions of the containers except the ESB Conductor, which still supports the deployment and undeployment of tasks into 6.x containers in addition to 7.1 containers.

Please also consider to use the new Migration page in Talend Administration Center to compare the project before and after migration.

ESB Identity and Access Management migration From 6.4.1 onwards, the Talend Identity Management (Talend IDM) service (based on Apache Syncope) provided with Talend ESB in the add-ons/tidm folder is no longer available within the Talend ESB package. The Talend Identity Management (Talend IDM) service is now replaced by a more general Talend Identity and Access Management (Talend IAM) service, which uses port 9080 by default instead of 8080. The Identity Service URL in the ESB Identity and Access Management part of the Talend Administration Center Configuration Page need to be updated accordingly. If you used Talend ESB with Talend Identity Management (based on Apache Syncope 1.2) before, you must either re-enter the users and roles (which are now the Groups in Syncope 2.0.2), or follow the migration steps for Apache Syncope 1.2 to Apache Syncope 2.0 as described in Talend ESB used Users / Roles and User to Role assignments in Syncope 1.2. Now in Syncope 2.0.2 (the currently version in Talend IAM ) you will have Users / Groups and User to Group assignments after the migration or in case you re-enter the users manually. Make sure that Groups are used in the place of Roles before in Syncope 1.2.

Compatibility notes on Studio Data Services and Studio Routes



Talend ESB container migration If you want to run your existing Data Services or Routes on the new 7.2.1 Container, you need to re-build, re-publish and re-deploy the Studio models to use the latest code changes.

We support the mixed installation and use of Talend ESB container 6.x with Data Services and Routes generated by Talend ESB Studio 6.x and the Talend ESB Infrastructure Services in 7.2.1.

Service Registry migration The Service Registry migration from versions older than 6.4.1 requires an export of all artifacts in the older version Service Registry (using the TAC Service Registry UI or the related tregistry:export command). Then this full export can be used to import the Service Registry content into a new Service Registry installation done for 7.2.1.
Talend Runtime migration Due to a change in the container/etc/org.talend.esb.job.saml.policy file to use an SHA2 instead of SHA1 algorithm suite, if you run on previous versions of Talend Runtime older than 6.4.1, you need an updated policy using the Basic128Sha256 AlgorithmSuite. This only affects clients who need to communicate with a provider from 6.4.1 onwards and who use the design time SAML Token authentication option (tESBConsumer > Authentication > SAML Token ). Clients and providers that use the Service Registry are not affected by this change as they get the policies from the Service Registry.
Studio Routes migration From 6.3.1 onwards, the cMessageEndpoint Libraries are not shipped with the ESB Studio anymore. For more information about how to use Routes generated by ESB Studio older than 6.3.1, see the <Studio_Home>/esb/Readme_cMessageEndpoint_Libraries.txt for details.
Studio Routes - Bean Migration

The migration from 6.x to 7.2 needs to consider that Beans are now built on their own (independent of the Route). This is different from 6.x and has a side effect in cases where cConfig is used for both the Route and the Beans to get a related library loaded for Beans. In 7.x the use of cConfig is limited to Routes only (which was also the original use case) while Beans must load external libraries via the Edit Bean Libraries dialog. As all beans are compiled together it is sufficient to assign the libraries needed to one Bean or to assign each library explicitly to the related Bean which needs the library.

In version 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 there is one more limitation which requires to use org.talend.libraries as fixed Group ID and 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT as fixed version in the case the same library is needed by cConfig and Beans. In the above mentioned versions the cConfig can only use the fixed Group ID and version.

Migration of Studio Jobs using SAP with a Talend Runtime Connection Pool With Talend Runtime 7.1.x and 7.2.x, it is required that the shared connection pool has a fixed name SAP_CONNECTION_POOL. If you have changed it, you need to update your models to use this fixed value.