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Talend Data Authoring for MDM (technical preview) A new lightweight web-based application Talend Data Authoring for MDM has been developed, which allows you to manage MDM master data records.
REST API enhancements
  • The following three REST APIs have been added:
    • GET /services/rest/system/views, which allows you to get a list of all Web Filter views.
    • GET /services/rest/system/views/{viewName}, which allows you to get details of a view by its name.
    • GET /services/rest/system/models/entities/{entityName}, which allows you to get details of an entity by its name.
  • The JSON format input is now supported by the following four REST APIs:
    • POST /services/rest/data/{containerName} (Create a record)
    • PUT /services/rest/data/{containerName} (Update a record)
    • POST /services/rest/data/{containerName}/batch (Create or update records in batch mode)
    • PATCH /services/rest/data/{containerName}/{type}/bulk (Update records partially in one bulk operation)
  • The parameter ignoreCase of boolean type has been added for the following two REST APIs, which controls whether to ignore the case of the entity and attribute names in JSON response.
    • PUT /services/rest/data/{containerName}/query (Get records by query)
    • GET /services/rest/data/{containerName}/{type}/{id} (Get a record by ID)
  • The parameter logical of boolean type has been added for the following two REST APIs, which allows you to control whether to delete a record logically.
    • PUT /services/rest/data/{containerName}/delete (Delete records by query)
    • DELETE /services/rest/data/{containerName}/{type}/{id} (Delete a record by ID)
  • Five parameters pivot, overwrite, delete, key, and position have been added for the REST API PATCH /services/rest/data/{containerName} (Update a record partially), to fully implement the update of a multi-occurrence element.
  • The REST API POST /services/rest/data/{containerName} (Create a record) now supports return the ID of the newly created record.
Create a record using submitted ID You can now create a record using your submitted ID even if the ID is set to be auto-generated in the data model.
Query language enhancements Two operands isEmpty and isNull have been added, which allows you to query data records with empty and null values.
Components enhancement The property Fire Create/Update event has been added for tMDMBulkLoad, which enables you to add the actions carried out to a modification report.
Journal improvement The events displayed on the User Journal tab in Talend MDM Web UI are restricted to a view.
Command line API enhancements The parameter ov has been added for the command mDeployItem, mDeployJob, and mDeployWorkflow, which allows you to deploy a previous version object to your MDM server.
Talend MDM Web UI sort enhancements Talend MDM Web UI now supports sorting data against a multi-lingual element based on the display language.
Event record key improvement The key of the same event record is now set to different values for the standalone and cluster modes of your MDM server to ensure that each event record has a unique key.
Bonita upgrade Bonita BPM server has been upgraded from v7.2.3 to v7.9.0.
Database support enhancements The following databases are now supported:
  • MS SQL Server 2014 SP3
  • MS SQL Server 2016 SP2
  • Oracle 18c
  • PostgreSQL 11
  • Amazon Aurora DB