Adding database output components to your Job - 7.2

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In the example below we will create a new Job from the Job filter_movies and add two tMySqlOutput components. These components will be used to write the processed movies information to the specified database tables.

Before you begin


  1. Create a new Job by duplicating the Job created in the previous scenario, and name the new Job write_movies_to_db, and then double-click the Job to open it in the design workspace.
  2. Right-click the tLogRow component and select Delete from the contextual menu to delete it.
  3. Click where the tLogRow was on the design workspace and type the name of tMySqlOutput or part of it, and then select and double-click tMySqlOutput on the list to add it onto the design workspace.

    When you start typing the component name, a list of components that match your input appears. You can select a component to view its description besides the component list.

  4. Right-click the tMap component, select Row > Valid_movies from the context menu, and click the tMySqlOutput to link it with the tMap.

    The connection name Valid_movies corresponds to the name of the existing output table in tMap.

  5. Click the tMap component, and drag and drop the arrow icon displayed onto the design workspace.

    A text field and a list of suggested components appear. You can select a component to view its description besides the component list.

  6. In the text field, type the name of tMySqlOutput, select the component on the list, and press Enter to add another tMySqlOutput component onto the design workspace.

    A dialog box appears, asking you to enter a name for the output connection.

  7. In the dialog box, enter Invalid_movies and click OK to connect tMap to the second tMySqlOutput component.


Now you have added and connected the database output components you need to write the processed movies information to a MySQL database. Next, you'll need to configure new mappings in the tMap and database settings in the tMySqlOutput components.