Creating the Job - 7.2

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Getting Started Guide

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A Talend Job allows you to access and use the Talend components to design technical processes to read, transform or write data.

Before you begin

  • You have launched your Talend Studio and opened the Integration perspective.


  1. Right-click the getting_started folder and select Create Job from the contextual menu.
  2. In the New Job wizard, give a name to the Job you are going to create and provide other useful information if needed.

    For example, enter aggregate_movie_director in the Name field.

    In this step of the wizard, Name is the only mandatory field. The information you provide in the Description field will appear as hover text when you move your mouse pointer over the Job in the Repository tree view.

  3. Click Finish to create your Job.

    An empty Job is opened in the Studio.


The component Palette is now available in the Studio. You can start to design the Job by leveraging this Palette and the Metadata node in the Repository.