Before using Talend Activity Monitoring Console - 7.3

Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring
Activity monitoring information can be stored in delimited files or database tables.

Before collecting and reusing the activity monitoring information of your Talend Jobs, you have to:

  • Create files or database tables to be used as datasources for the activity monitoring information. For more information, see Creating files or database tables.
  • Enable activity monitoring either by configuring the Stats & Logs settings at the project level or Job level or by adding the relevant components to your Jobs in order to catch and record the activity monitoring information and deliver it to the defined output (files or database tables). For more information, see Enabling activity monitoring.
  • Configure the datasources to retrieve the activity monitoring information, which can be displayed on Talend Activity Monitoring Console either from the studio or from the Monitoring module of Talend Administration Center. For more information, see Configuring datasources for the monitoring console.
Note: In Talend Administration Center, only database tables are supported as datasources. You can connect to these tables via the Connections area in the top of the Activity Monitoring Console page in the web application.

For more information about the database supported by Talend Activity Monitoring Console, see the section about compatible databases in the Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide.